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Serving people that desire bright, timeless images that reflect their joy for life + want to create a lasting legacy of love.


Hey, Y'all!

I'm Peyton, a Mississippi girl who finds joy in tacos + queso, travel, my Savior and serving #peytonnealcouples who love the covenant of marriage and deep-rooted friendship! 


My philosophy:


I love you as if I was the bride.

I would want a photographer who loved me through the process of my engagement and wedding by being my friend, and when it came to the photos, I trusted he or she to capture this season where fifty years later, those feelings came rushing back. 

We will most likely be new besties.


I'm surrounded by the world of Instagram and Pinterest dreams girls have for their wedding day and absolutely love every bit of it! As your photographer, it is my goal to make those happen through my both my lenses and love toward you in this season! I'll be your go to. Coffee/frozen yogurt dates and FaceTime will be happening, sister! 

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