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We are so thankful you are here. COme meet us!


WHo are we + Who we serve:

Who are we? 

I'm Peyton, a saved by grace believer, college student, photographer, friend, + faithful tacos an queso girl. If you're not a taco gal, that's not a deal breaker! I'm the lead photographer, editor, blogger and communicator! 

On my right is my fiancé, Alex! He's a believer, my best friend, Ole Miss student and sports fan, and a jack of all trades! He's the best partner for portrait sessions + wedding days, full of jokes and a professional dress + veil fluffer!

Here's a little bit of the story.

The past three years God has transformed my entire life. I NEVER thought I would be a photographer. I thought I was meant to be a broadcast journalism major, but boy I was so off. The Lord has done so much work in my heart & life on this journey and I could not be more grateful to be serving in His will. Now, Alex is my partner and we love doing this together! 

What matters:

Serving couples is my absolute favorite. To my fiancé and I, it is the biggest privilege to walk with you through the season of engagement as you prepare not only for a wedding, but a lifelong marriage with your best friend.  Images might help an email get sent, but our bigger hope is that couples will become #PeytonNealCouples because they feel loved and encouraged!

If all we did was show up on your wedding day, we would be doing you a disservice. As you journey from being a girlfriend, fiancé and then your best friend's wife, we want to be your friends and your #1 cheerleader! Who knew 8th grade cheerleading would come in handy?! 

Our goal is to love on you, pray for your marriage,  and give you our absolute best. Our couples' wedding days are just as unique and special as they are and we will never get tired of capturing these stories! 

Peyton Neal Couples are such kind, joyful souls who cannot wait to start their forever with their best friend, have a passion for family, find laughter to be absolutely crucial for their marriage, aren't afraid to cry on the big day and recognize the power of precious date nights! 

It would be our biggest honor to help you tell the love story of you and your best friend that reflects the heart of your bright, joyful and timeless relationship!

Peyton's Essentials

You survived the About me! What now?

Thank you for being here and reading about my heart for serving people like you. 

You being here alone means so much to me! 

Feel free to look around! 

The blog is home for all things clients---> their stories make this all happen!!  I would love for your story to be there next! 

If you are interested in booking any Peyton Neal Portrait or Wedding Experience, I highly suggest filling out the contact forms !It is never too early to book! 

If there is anything I can do for you, I would love to know!

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Have a wonderful day!

All my love and gratitude,