Ivy + Jack | A Rare Snowy Mississippi Engagement Session

When planning out my Instagram post for this session, I wrote “for the first time in…EVER!” It could not be more true!

Living in Mississippi, snow is usually a joke- a few flurries that never stick. Usually just a little white and a whole lot of Mississippi mud. Not this time! I have never experienced any ice + snow in my life like this we have this week.

First of all, it’s just gorgeous. It’s a little reminder of our Creator. You can’t make this stuff up! It’s also a photographer’s dream for lots of reasons…the rarity, the pretty white grounds. I could go on! To be honest, the snow was not the best part of this shoot!

It was the people.

Jack + Ivy are some of our best friends! Jack is Alex’s lifelong best friend. He married us back in October and we love doing life with them. They compliment each other so well, and it’s obvious God put them together!

They’ll become husband and wife this December! We can’t wait because we know just how much they will love the gift of marriage! Their wedding timing made these pictures seem just a little more perfect!

I’ll hush for now! Enjoy my faves from our time!!

Another funny story here. A few weeks ago we had a little snow flurry. 2 times in a year for MS is strange, too! That day Ivy jokingly said she wished we had scheduled their engagement session for that day because it was so pretty. Last weekend on a double date with them, Jack brought up the idea again after we talked about the crazy weather coming in. Immediately I was sold, ready to go! We wanted it to be real, but I think we all had our doubts because it just does not do this here. Monday came. It was REAL! With road conditions, Wednesday became the right day. The best part may have been the actual snow flurries coming down at the end that added a little magical touch!

Love love this one!!

Another top favorite!

We may or may not have all slipped once or twice getting to this spot. It was so worth it, and we laughed too long about it!

I told Jack he is getting all the brownie points today for having the idea!

I had to keep convincing myself we were still in Mississippi. I’ll never forget it!

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